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Own your very own online Casino!

Virtual Online Casino
We are in the business of building a new future for the
online gaming industry.
3D Gaming
We are constantly adding to our collection of amazing 3D games.
State Law Compliant
We have approval from several states in U.S.A to run Sweepstakes and the list keeps growing.
We assist online casino startups with financial and marketing plans, funding, location negotiation, technology and training.

Greyshore Technology and Randall Crater specializes in the Development of Gaming Software Platforms. We Pride ourselves on providing Superior Graphics, Security and Entertainment to our clients, as well as building strong relationships that will continue for many years to come.

Most individuals and small companies cannot afford to cretae a major online casino enterprise. Greyshore Technology and its partners allows you to create your very own casino brand and use our casino software to create a unique casino.

We help you with everything, from start to finish. When we leave, you’ll be ready to open for business.

Start an Internet sweepstakes Cafe. We can show you how!

Business Plan Assistance

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Internet Cafe Sweepstakes

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Sweepstakes Cafes

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